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how much does Lawn mowing cost?

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Firstly, I strive to provide the most cost effective quote possible every time I price a lawn. I think it’s best to be transparent in how I price a lawn to inform you as to how I will provide you with a quote  to mow your lawn. 

Q. Can you give me a quote over the phone? 

A. Generally no. This is because there are several variables that need to be sighted onsite that can alter what the quote will be. The property needs to be sighted in order to assess these. 

Q. What are the variables that can alter a lawn mowing quote

A. The things i’m looking at when inspecting your property are:

  • Lawn Growth, the length and thickness of the lawn which determines how long the lawn will take to mow and how many grass clippings will be caught and need to be removed and disposed off.
  • Volume of grass clippings. Because I have to pay to dump lawn clippings I have to factor in some disposal cost in each lawn I mow, unless it's a mulch mow then there are no clippings caught.
  • Obstacles on the lawn. Obstacles such as picnic tables and chairs, playgrounds, trampolines, bbq's etc all add to the time it takes to mow your lawn properly.